Message from the President

Over the past few years, we have seen several disasters that have happened all around the world, specifically in Indonesia. We have wept as we felt the suffering and the sorrow of people who lost their homes, their loved ones and their community. As people who care, we brought up this non-profit organization, as a collective effort to help those who are in need.

Although it has become one of ICC’s goals to help those who need it, I need to point out that the ICC is also built as a hope to be a bridge between the two nations because we believe that we can help each other to make the world a better place to live. As part of a Canadian community, our organization also needs to be actively involved in the community activities and give back to our community. This includes helping other organizations to help raise funds for helping to feed the poor, improving quality of life for the families, or just simply tto support their activities. To achieve this, we will initiate partnership with the Ottawa Food Bank, United Way, and other local organizations throughout Canada, starting in the city where we currently are present.

We will need to make this organization to be the first point of contact to get information for both Indonesian newcomers to Canada, whether they are students, workers, or the general public, and Canadians who want to learn more about Indonesia. To do this, we will work hard to enrich our website content with information that would be beneficial to both parties and we will enlarge our network to cover different parts of communities in different cities in Canada.

I would encourage you to help us reach our goal, by providing us with any information we need and actively participating in our events, because you can make a difference, you can help us shape our world for a better future, for our children, for our children’s children, and for the next generations to come.


Together, we can make it happen.


Gita Nurlaila
President of the Indonesian Canadian Congress