ICC in Depth

About ICC

Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) is a federally registered non-profit community that is mostly volunteered based, located in Ottawa, Ontario. The organization was established in 2005 by Canadians, of Indonesian origin, having the needs to have a national organization enriching the existing Canadian multi-cultural society by providing our views, our values, our culture and our heritage within Canadian communities.

Our Vision

To establish a forum among countries, especially between Canada and
Indonesia, in all aspects, including education, technology, and social,
through community involvement, so that together we can shape our world for a
better future for our younger generations to come.

Our Mission

  1. To be the first point of contact for people looking for information about Canada, as well as people looking for information about Indonesia by providing information through our websites and personal contacts.
  2. To assist new comers to Canada by providing information, direction, contacts, supports, advice and all other needs that may be required to help them to settle down in Canada.
  3. To provide support to local communities and international communities at large by participating in events and sponsorships.
  4. To educate our communities and bridge the knowledge gaps by increasing awareness of what is happening in the world we live in, in order to improve the quality of our environment and our quality of life.